Aloha Kona Fishing Charters supporters

It probably would not surprise you that team Kona Fishing Charters is not just your plain vanilla fishing operation. In fact we have a celebrity, Captain McGrew Rice. McGrew serves as a member of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council. This is an important council that meets regularly and is part of the world wide effort to make sure our waters and fish are properly taken care of . He is unique in that he represents those that are on the water every day with first hand knowledge that influences decision makers. McGrew was asked to apply for this position and then was immediately chosen for the council. A smart move by the Western Pacific Fishery Council. For those not familiar with this effort here are the guiding principles for the council.

1. Support quality research and obtain the most complete

scientific information available to assess and manage


  1. Promote an ecosystem approach in fisheries

management, including reducing waste in fisheries

and minimizing impacts on marine habitat and

impacts on protected species.

  1. Conduct education and outreach to foster good

stewardship principles.

  1. Recognize the importance of island cultures and

and traditional fishing practices in managing

fishery resources.

  1. Promote environmentally responsible fishing and the

utilization of sustainable fisheries that provide long

term economic growth and stability.

  1. Promote regional cooperation to manage domestic

and international fisheries.

  1. Encourage development of technologies and methods

to achieve the most effective level of monitoring control

and surveillance and to ensure safety at sea.

We could not be prouder to have Captain McGrew represent us in this endeavor. Just to prove we are not the only ones that are proud of McGrew he has been elected to be the vice chair of their team. What a nice compliment for his efforts.

As always we appreciate your continued enthusiasm for team Kona Fishing Charters and look forward to your next visit to the big island with a day on the beautiful calm blue waters of Kona.