FIshing to many is getting a worm, baiting a hook, sitting on a dock, getting bored and then deciding a swim is much more fun. We would like to let you experience fishing like you have never imagined. This is done by booking a trip on the Kona Fishing Charters luxury vessels.

Our real desire is to create MEMORIES for a lifetime. When you get back to shore after spending time with us you will tell your friends and family what a great experience you had. Starting with meeting our friendly and competent crew. Next you stepped onto a beautiful boat that was clean, comfortable and spacious. As the boat left the harbor you were given a lesson on the proper way to use a fighting chair as well as visiting the captains bridge to see how we navigate our crystal clear waters.

Throughout the day you will see volcanoes, dolphins, flying fish, whales in season, and hopefully the island of Maui. You can get a history lesson on the native Hawaiians while relaxing waiting for the big fish to take our lures. Yes, we even hope that your memories include catching and releasing the Blue Marlin regarded as the most exciting sportfish in the ocean. Along the way your memories may include catching dinner for you and your family. That includes the delicious Ahi Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Ono. You can relax in our air conditioned salon or hang out on the top deck letting the warm sea breeze add to your enjoyment.

As you step off our boat at the end of the day we bid you farewell with a big Mahalo for allowing us to become part of your Hawaii memories.