IMG_4634Aloha friends of Kona Fishing Charters. We are joining the blog world and this is our first one.  We have a lot to be thankful for and and have some exciting news on the Kona Sport Fishing experience. We have recently purchased two new boats for your enjoyment. Before we get to that we would like to express our appreciation to our loyal clients that have fished with us on our beloved 35 foot Bertram. We have sold the Bertram to a local fisherman and wish him the very best. Now back to our new boats. We have purchased a 40 foot Miller Custom and a  45 foot Monterey Custom. Both boats were located in South Florida and have a great history in catching fish. We have given the Monterey the name Kona Fishing Charters and the Miller Kona Fishing Charters II. We hope you will enjoy the new boats as much as we do bringing them to you. The Monterey was put in service around the first of October with immediate success. In its first week we landed a 150 pound Ahi tuna, a 450 plus Blue Marlin and a 700 pound Blue Marlin. Not bad fishing. I hope you wish you were here! We put the Miller in the water October 7th after making it Kona Sport Fishing ready. Both boats have air conditioned salons, spacious cockpits and wonderful bridges. All electronics are state of the art to go along with our extraordinary team of Captain McGrew Rice alongside Carlton. While we are excited about our new boats we are more excited that McGrew and Carlton are still in charge. September and October have been great fishing months. However, McGrew always reminds us that the best time to fish our beautiful calm waters is whenever you can make time to visit. We are having the new boats photographed professionally and will post to our website as soon as we can. We are getting ready for the holiday season and look forward to the return of the humpback whales and their babies. The dolphins are still swimming in our fishing waters helping us locate the Ahi tunas. For those who followed this summers hurricane we are happy to report that our Harbor was protected and safe throughout the storm. We did miss a day of fishing, a small inconvenience. We hope you are having a pleasant fall wherever you live and are also getting geared up for Thanksgiving. If turkey is not on your menu we recommend trying fresh Tuna, Spearfish or Ono preferably caught on an Kona Fishing Charters fishing day. We will continue to update our website with all the exciting changes for our family Kona Fishing Charters.
Thanks again for following us and sharing in our passion to provide you with the best deep sea sport fishing experience in the world.