Last Saturday we held the blessings of our new boats the IHU NUI and the IHU NUI II. This sacred ritual is called “lolo ana I ka moku (imparting brains to the boat), was used by ancient kahuna (priests) to consecrate the launching of a new canoe. In accordance with cultural protocol, the ceremonial dedication commenced with a pule kahea (sacred prayer chant) to invoke the presence of the benevolent Hawaiian deities. Using a koa bowl filled with coconut water and a lau ki (ti leaf), kahu performed the customary pi kai (sprinkling blessing) with the kōkua (help) of the boatowner, to spiritually sanctify the vessel and remove any taboo. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Daniel Akaka and his wife Anna and as they encircled the two boats, they called upon the Hawaiian akua and ‘aumakua (ancestral guardian spirits) to watch over, guide and safeguard the boat on its seafaring ocean voyages to and from Hawaii’s shores. Maile Leis were fastened to the bow of the boat for protection. The blessing ceremony concluded with the sharing of aloha and kahu saying, “E au ana ‘oe iloko o keia moku me ka palekana a me ke aloha o na Akua.” (You may travel inside of this boat with safety and the blessings of the heavenly ones.

This was a beautiful sunny clear day in Kona after a storm had just passed the day before and we were surrounded by family and many special friends and other Captains from Honokohau Harbor. After the ceremony we were also blessed to have had the Luau provided by Sam Choy, his lovely wife Carol and their son Chris.

We hope that you will all come over to the Big Island soon to experience our New Rides.

Aloha from your IHU NUI Family