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    Welcome to your fishing adventure of a lifetime. Come and experience Kona’s gentle trade winds and calm blue waters aboard the “Mauna Kea or the Mauna Loa”. The waters off the Kona coast offer some of the best conditions for world class fishing and other incredible sights of the island as well as our marine life.

    The Mauna Kea is a beautifully designed custom 45′ Sport Fishing vessel produced by the Monteray Company. The Mauna Loa is also a beautiful custom designed 40’ Sport Fishing Vessel produced by the  Miller Company.


    Whether  you are an avid deep sea fishing enthusiast or a beginner you will find the experience memorable. You will find our waters some of the friendliest in the world. Due to the Big Islands volcanic origin we begin fishing right after we leave our harbor. We never lose sight of land and are in cell range the entire trip. What this means for you is that there are no long boat rides to the fishing grounds. Add to that our fish are world class in size and fight. The Blue Marlin is the top of the sport fishing world. Nothing compares to a Marlin strike and subsequent angling fun. Some would say work as well. We pride ourself on safety for all, friendly captain and crew, and all the information you need for a world class day. We are a catch and release operation for the Marlin we catch. Nothing better than having the time of your life and then see these magnificent  fish swim away unharmed. While Marlin are the top of the sport fishing world we catch a wide variety of other fish that we keep for our dining enjoyment. For those that would like to take our eaters with them our crew cleans and bags them for your pleasure. Check out all the species on our website.

    Wonderfully appointed clean safe boats, exceptional experienced captain and crew, calm and spectacular water, surrounding an island paradise waits for all our guests.

    You are in store for a fun and exciting fishing trip aboard the “ Mauna Kea or the Mauna Loa”.



    Tony is from Newport Beach, California and has been a Captain and Crew for many boats over the past 30 years. He is also our expert engineer for both Kona Fishing Charters boats. You can always count on Tony greeting our customers with a warm welcome and aloha spirit. Nothing more comforting than having an excellent fisherman and an engineer all wrapped up in one.

    Tony has fished all the major tournaments in Kona as well as Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Our tournament record is a good one with us finishing more than our fair share on top. Tony’s wife and son are exceptional surfers and share his enthusiasm for enjoying all the adventures the Hawaiin Islands offer. You will never be bored visiting with Tony. His friendly way, knowledge of our water, capability with all fishing experiences and engineering knowhow make him a treat to spend a day with.


    Started his fishing career in the 80’s as a deckhand in San Diego, fishing locally before moving on to the long range fleet plying the waters far below the Mexican border.

    Moving to Hawaii in 1989 it was the lure of the Kona coast and its renowned blue water fishery that solidified his desire to spend a life on the ocean.
    Commercial tuna fishing around the Big Island and offshore seamounts for many years, ultimately moving into the captain’s position he was given the opportunity to do research work with Stanford Univ and National Marine Fisheries tagging giant bluefin tuna.

    The transition to charter fishing was a welcome change after marrying a preschool teacher and starting a family of their own. For the last 25yrs Joe has fished out of Honokohau Harbor under the tutelage of some of the best fishermen in the industry.
    From chasing light tackle world records to heavy tackle tournament fishing around the world his list of accomplishments is quite impressive. Being on the water as much as anyone he has also taken a love for photography with images published in Marlin, Sport Fishing, In The Bite and Bluewater magazines.
    He became part of the Mauna Kea – Mauna Loa team 5yrs ago and enjoys his time on the water making memories for those of all levels of experience from novices to seasoned professionals..

    Captain Tony Clark

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